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Das Bildungsgeschäft nach vorne bringen

Am Hot Spot Education treffen sich Anbieter und Interessenten auf den Gebieten innovative Lehr- und Lernmittel, Serious Games und Lernspiele, digitale Whiteboards, Lernsoftware sowie E-Learning-Modelle.

Im Bildungsbereich hat die Digitalisierung schon lange Einzug in den Alltag gehalten. Der ausschließlich auf digitale Anbieter und digitale Inhalte für den Bildungssektor ausgerichtete Hot Spot Education bietet eine aufmerksamkeitsstarke Plattform für die Präsentation neuer Produkte und Projekte.

Ort: Halle 4.2

Interview mit Erica Carson (Plasq)

Aussteller 2013

BBC Worldwide Ltd, BBC Motion Gallery

BBC Motion Gallery is a leader in providing high production quality factual content geared towards the needs of educators and students. We offer a remarkable diversity and depth of content solutions, ranging from clip licensing to fully-produced video segments- and everything in-between.


Bitness produces digital content creation tools for educational publishers. The company has more than 20 years’ experience in the field.


SSPARKL is a rich media enabled, portable and dynamic viewing solution that enables seamless reading experience on IOS (iPad, IPhone), Android devices, desktop (Windows & Mac) either online or offline with custom publication options for publishers.

Espresso Education

Espresso Education is the UK's leading provider of digital resources to schools. Our award-winning video clips, interactive activities, quizzes and games are available for licence to publishers, ministries and educational businesses worldwide.


ETRI has focused agressively on research and development in the following areas: computer graphics, interaction, virtual reality, u-learning, digital cinema and high-quality video and gaming content production technology.


ExploreLearning develops online solutions to improve student learning in math and science, including Gizmos and Reflex. Learning A-Z delivers web access to printable and interactive resources for reading, writing and science.


Hurix is a CMMi Level 4 certified digital content solutions provider with products & services in eLearning course development, eBooks, animations, Apps, HTLM5, qualitiy assurance, Kitaboo & Dictera.


Immanens is the leading French partner for magazine and book publishers for their digital projects. More than 500 publications, 15 publishers in education, 8 million deliveries per year. Leader textbook distribution platform in France (Lib').

La Factoria
Planet Factory

Leading partner for interactive educational digital content to the publishing industry. Innovative authoring tools MakerPF/AppAnApp for multiplatform interactive content. Specialists in serious games, advergaming, gamification and app distribution.


Learnetic is a world leading, e-learning developer for education. Its products are used in over 30 countries. Today, it focuses specifically on creating and deploying new generation mobile content, authoring tools and platforms for the growing base of mobile devices.

Oneclick Diseño y Software, S. L.

Consultants and solutions providers in the area of digital textbooks for top global clients. Serious games developers.


Piron Corporation, the developer of an innovative content aggregation & distribution platform, offers content licensing, multimedia e-book publishing, learning platform and content development solutions to clients in 25+ countries.


ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech solutions extend the reach of online content by instantly creating an audio version of your website or online course. This bimodal content delivery is proven to increase student retention, comprehension and memory.

Time to Know

Time To Know (T2K) has created a unique solution for teacher-led, student-centered digital classrooms. With T2K's smart interactive content and its Digital Platform, teachers can manage all teaching, learning, and assessment processes.


Martina Wolff de Carrasco
Frankfurter Buchmesse
Martina Wolff de Carrasco
t: +49 (0) 69 2102211
f: +49 (0) 69 2102 46211


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Wer stellt hier aus?

  • Entwickler und Anbieter innovativer Bildungsinhalte wie interaktive Lernmodelle und Whiteboard-Software
  • Anbieter innovativer Lehr- und Lernkonzepte wie Online-Lernhilfen, Mobile Learning, E-Learning-Modelle und Webanwendungen
  • Entwickler und Herausgeber von Serious Games
  • Anbieter von Lösungen zur Bildung von Menschen mit besonderen pädagogischen Bedürfnissen
  • Anbieter von Technologien für Schulen, Universitäten und Community-Plattformen
  • Dienstleister und Berater für den Bildungssektor