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Das Bildungsgeschäft nach vorne bringen

Am Hot Spot Education treffen sich Anbieter und Interessenten auf den Gebieten innovative Lehr- und Lernmittel, Serious Games und Lernspiele, digitale Whiteboards, Lernsoftware sowie E-Learning-Modelle.

Im Bildungsbereich hat die Digitalisierung schon lange Einzug in den Alltag gehalten. Der ausschließlich auf digitale Anbieter und digitale Inhalte für den Bildungssektor ausgerichtete Hot Spot Education bietet eine aufmerksamkeitsstarke Plattform für die Präsentation neuer Produkte und Projekte.

Ort: Halle 4.2







Aussteller 2015      

AmazingEdu Software
(organized by MoEC of Indonesia)

AmazingEdu is a Premium Interactive Content for K-12 Math and Science who has received international awards such as BETT and collaborated with publishers and content providers all over the world. Visit for our demo.


A Rakuten Group business, Aquafadas builds tools for publishing content to tablets, smartphones and the web. For more information, please visit

AR & Co
(organized by MoEC of Indonesia)

AR&Co is Asia's largest Augmented Reality and Innovative Technology based company. Since 2009 with headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, AR&Co has delivered hundreds of projects across the globe through globally patented technologies and innovations.

BBC Worldwide Learning

BBC Worlwide Learning is a leader in providing high quality factual content geared towards the needs of educators and students.

Chungdahm Learning (organized by KeLIA)

Chungdahm Learning has created Korea’s leading brands in education service provision with its creative thinking-based language and mathematics curricula. In striving for new heights, we have combined this service model with information technology to create innovative smart class contents and solutions.

(organized by KeLIA)

Established in 1973, Chomdan is publishing 7 different print magazines and smart magazine in technical field. Also, we are providing to information through technical specialty web magazine portal ‘Hello T’ in industrial field

CSI Literacy
(an Imprint of South Pacific Press)

CSI Literacy Mysteries: world-first, solve-as-you-read online (HTML5) adventures that blend gaming functionality with evidence-based pedagogy to boost literacy for students, ages 8-13+.

Darim Vision
(organized by KeLIA) Chromudio / Video Wall / Wall Controller / LED Lights / Capture card / Green Screen / Ebook creation tool / Content creation hardware / Software
(organized by KeLIA)

DuCogen has been known for its product and service on education, entertainment and e-learning service like interactive e-book and STEM education, serious game for ADHD kids and cloud base service.

(organized by KeLIA)

G-EDUCOM is a company with the vision of revolutionizing the present and the future of education; changing the world differentiated educational content and information technology.

Hurix Systems Private

Hurix is the leading digital content solutions provider to global educational Publishers, Institutions and Corporates. Our products and services provide effective, compelling and engaging content across tradtional and newer mobile platforms.

Incheon Metropolitan City (UNESCO World Book Capital 2015)


Incheon City as the UNESCO World Book Capital 2015 runs the Incheon EduContent Fair 2015 (Nov. 12–14, 2015 / Songdo Convensia) which brings together content, technology, education and entertainment media focusing on both of professional and public.

IT School Innovation

miEbooks enables publishers to securely deliver EPUBS and PDF's (online or offline use) to learning institutions and make them interactive on the fly. miEbooks integrates seamlessly with any LMS. Our partners include Pearson, OUP, Macmillan, etc.

(Korea e-Learning Industry Association)

KeLIA has supported lots of e-Learning activities as a leader inthe Korean industry since 2002. These activities include the establishment of industry infrastructure, an increase of industry competitiveness.


With Knewton, every student gets a more personal learning experience. Leading education companies around the world use Knewton to power digital course materials that dynamically adapt to each student's unique needs.


Learnetic is a world leading, e-learning developer for education. Its products are used in over 30 countries. Today, it focuses specifically on creating and deploying new generation mobile content, authoring tools and platforms for the growing base of mobile devices.

LearningMate Solutions

LearningMate develops innovative, scalable content technology & data solutions exclusively for the education market. Visit us in the Education Hotspot or at to learn more.

M&G Ent
(organized by KeLIA)

M&G ENT is a Korean tablet pc manufacturer. We focus on smart education field and won the Grand Prize from Korean Education Ministry at the 10th Korea e-Leanring excellent company contest last year.


Merriam-Webster is America’s leading provider of language information in print and digital formats - from the best-selling Collegiate Dictionary to toprated mobile apps.

Ministry of Education
and Culture
(MoEC of Indonesia)

Collective Exhibition. Hall 4.2, C75.

(organized by KeLIA)

We, National IT Industry Promotion Agency, Promote businesses related to the convergence and utilization of IT technology Support international exchange, cooperation, and overseas expansion related to the IT industry.

(organized by KeLIA)