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Das Bildungsgeschäft nach vorne bringen

Am Hot Spot Education treffen sich Anbieter und Interessenten auf den Gebieten innovative Lehr- und Lernmittel, Serious Games und Lernspiele, digitale Whiteboards, Lernsoftware sowie E-Learning-Modelle.

Im Bildungsbereich hat die Digitalisierung schon lange Einzug in den Alltag gehalten. Der ausschließlich auf digitale Anbieter und digitale Inhalte für den Bildungssektor ausgerichtete Hot Spot Education bietet eine aufmerksamkeitsstarke Plattform für die Präsentation neuer Produkte und Projekte.

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Al Jazeera Media Network



Artline / xteach

We develop innovative tools for e-learning sector. Xcriba is our tool to create high focus and interactive content, Xchool is the first platform to learn and teach, using a learning system that allow you to create, share and reuse books, courses or new e-learning content.

BBC Worldwide Learning

BBC Worldwide Learning create high factual content for educators and students. Our content includes BBC factual programming, NHK, Open University and Sir David Attenborough. Bring Learning to life with BBC Worldwide Learning!


Bitness developed Edutools. Edutools is a content creation tool. Everyone can easlily create concept maps, timelines, infographics, photo gallery, interactive presentation.

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

ETRI has focused agressively on R&D in the area of CG, user interaction, VR, u-Learning, digital cinema and high quality video, and gaming content production technologies.

Hurix Systems

Hurix is the leading digital content solutions provider to global educational Publishers, Institutions and Corporates. Our products and services provide effective, compelling and engaging content across tradtional and newer mobile platforms.



The world's top education companies use Knewton technology to improve digital lessons. The Knewton API enables companies to personalize content to a student's unique needs and provide teachers with predictive analytics to differentiate instruction.



Learnetic is a world leading, e-learning developer for education. Its products are used in over 30 countries. Today, it focuses specifically on creating and deploying new generation mobile content, authoring tools and platforms for the growing base of mobile devices.

LearningMate Solutions


LearningMate develops innovative, scalable content, technology & data solutions exclusively for the education market. Visit us in the Education Hot Spot or at to learn more.

Ein Instrument per Video-Fernunterricht® lernen, inkl. Betreuung durch einen persönlichen Fernlehrer. Das neue E-Learning Portal der ist eine Innovation im Bereich „Musikunterricht online“ und bietet dem Teilnehmer ganz neue Möglichkeiten.


ReadSpeaker online text-to-speech solutions extend the reach of online content by instantly creating an audio version of your website or online course. This bimodal content delivery is proven to increase student retention, comprehension and memory.

Saak Digital

Our project, WEERAS, is focused on offering educational materials in a new digital format. We will be presenting WEERAS TOOLS, a web-based software that allows creation of digital educational materials, such as interactive activities and textbooks.

Seinet Group


SEINET is the leading developer of publishing solutions for media & educational industry. Xtent: Collaborative multichannel (digital & print) content authoring platform. Xpad: Complete solution to distribute and monetize interactive digital editions for tablets and desktops.

WIRIS  Math & Science


WIRIS is a suite of authoring tools to enhance mathematics at digital contents. Includes a Javascript equation editor compatible with mobile devices, a math calculator and a math/science assessment tool seamlessly integrated into different platforms.


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  • Entwickler und Anbieter innovativer Bildungsinhalte wie interaktive Lernmodelle und Whiteboard-Software
  • Anbieter innovativer Lehr- und Lernkonzepte wie Online-Lernhilfen, Mobile Learning, E-Learning-Modelle und Webanwendungen
  • Entwickler und Herausgeber von Serious Games
  • Anbieter von Lösungen zur Bildung von Menschen mit besonderen pädagogischen Bedürfnissen
  • Anbieter von Technologien für Schulen, Universitäten und Community-Plattformen
  • Dienstleister und Berater für den Bildungssektor