Invitation Programme for International Exhibitors

Einladungsprogramm 2011 29170

The Invitation Programme offers the chance for small independent publishing companies from Africa, the Arabic World, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in the world's biggest book fair. For publishing companies from these regions, globalisation is a two-edged sword. Access to the world market seems easier thanks to limitless communication. At the same time, the advance of new conglomerates makes it harder to get in on the market. Guaranteeing the presence of a selected group of around 20 publishing houses at the industries biggest get-together is the main goal of the Frankfurt Book Fair´s Invitation Programme.
The guest publishers attend a two-and-a-half-day seminar before the Book Fair providing wide-ranging information on the German book market and international publishing.


  • Seminar
    As in past years, the guest publishers will attend a two-and-a-half-day seminar before the Book Fair begins, not only preparing them for the Fair, but also providing them with wide-ranging information on the German book market. As a discussion forum, the seminar gives them the opportunity to talk to experienced speakers from the industry on topics such as international sales, marketing, rights and licences, and book design.

  • Expenses for travel, stay and stand covered
    Apart from being paid their travel expenses and their stay, the carefully selected guests from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Arab World, the Caribbean and Central and Eastern Europe are always given a free stand at the Fair. Funding is provided jointly by the Frankfurt Book Fair and the German Federal Foreign Office.

  • Qualifications
    The programme is aimed at small-scale, independent publishers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Arab world, the Caribbean, and Central and Eastern Europe. Proficiency in English is required.

  • Application
    Applications for 2016 are to be submitted until the end of April 2016. You will then find the contact details here.
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Applications for 2016

Applications are to be submitted until 30 April 2016. Please fill in the application form and return it to

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