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Weltempfang – Centre for Politics, Literature and Translation

The "Weltempfang" in Hall 3.1 is a place well known for its panel discussions, talks and readings with international authors, intellectuals and translators. This year its focal theme is "Borderlines".

REVIEW: Programme highlights 2015

  • Panel discussion: "Free spaces: Cultural activities in refugee camps"
  • Talk: "Foreign cultural policy – peacock plumage or a fig leaf?"
  • Panel discussion: "Voices of Silence – Peace Prize winner Navid Kermani
    talks to other Iranian authors"
  • Award ceremony and talk: LiBeraturpreis 2015 to Madeleine Thien
  • Talk: "On the lust to kill and the laughter of the perpetrators"

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LiBeraturpreis 2015

Madeleine Thien Copyright Anke Kluss 53174

Madeleine Thien is awarded the LiBeraturpreis 2015 for her novel „Dogs at the Perimeter“ (McClelland & Stewart, 2011). The LiBeraturpreis is the only German literature prize that is awarded exclusively to women from Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Arab World.

Cooperation: Litprom – the Society for the Promotion of African, Asian and Latin American Literature

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"Frankfurt Undercover"

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Under the code name "Frankfurt Undercover" Danish author Janne Teller once again teamed up with the Book Fair to organize a series of debates with international authors to address the very latest political issues. The select group of authors and intellectuals met behind closed doors to help move the world’s thinking – with the goal of offering a gift to the world: a compendium of ideas.

Press release "Frankfurt Undercover" (2014)

WELTEMPFANG – Campaign 2015