The Programme of CONTEC FRANKFURT Track 1

8th October 2013, 8 am - 18 pm, Marriott Hotel Frankfurt

08.40 - 09.10

Persevering in the Middle
Faced with rapidly evolving customer preferences and price expectations, changes in the balance of power between publishers and intermediaries, the commoditization of content and an explosion in new business models, our industry has embarked on an epic journey in pursuit of relevance and sustainability. In order to stay competitive, most publishers recognize the need to fundamentally change what they do. But we are not able to change instantly from old to new – from print to digital or from products to services, for example – if it means abandoning businesses and activities that are still profitable. As a result, we find ourselves with one foot on the boat ready to sail to the bright new future and the other still planted on the shore of comfortable (and profitable) legacy businesses, with increasing discomfort!

To resolve this dilemma companies are faced with difficult trade-off decisions. Striving to protect a legacy business while exploring new opportunities creates competition for scarce resources. As legacy businesses struggle for growth tough decisions are required to improve operational efficiency. New skills and organizational capabilities must be acquired to succeed in new business development. But many publishers are overcoming these challenges by building new businesses that expand on existing
strengths and assets, the quality and depth of our content, our trusted brands, growing knowledge of our customers and the enduring relationships we have built with our authors, clients and other partners.


09.10 - 09.40

How the internet will change an ancient technology called E-Book
While Amazon is trying to become Apple, the ebook market suffers in many ways. A confusing mixture of fear and wishful thinking is the reason ebook readers are treated like boldfaced children. Surprisingly, they're not pleased, even if they sometimes still don't know it. Books should be purchasable, digital goods – but be part of the internet at the same time. The great Max Goldt once wrote, head shops offer anything you need to smoke weed except the only thing you really need to smoke weed. This is true for books and the internet, too. Anyone can find anything about books in the web, apart from the content of the book itself. It's time to change that, and Sobooks tries to.


09.40 - 10.10

Startup Showcase Judges Panel

10.40 - 11.30

What is the future of bookselling?
In a lively discussion about the future of bookselling, book culture, and the book business, our outspoken and experienced panelists will debate not only whether bookstores can survive in the age of the Internet,  but examine the reasons - economical and cultural that they should or should not. Join this session and add your own voice to the conversation about whither goes the bookstore.


11.30 - 12.00

Networking & Coffee Break

12.00 - 12.50

The Future of Metadata
Metadata are rapidly becoming the key driver in marketing and selling of books and media. At the same rate, the complexity of metadata is growing. In book and media catalogues of millions of titles the discoverability of the individual book, song or movie will be the main marketing tool of the future. Traditional processes of metadata management are quickly coming to their limits; tagging of keywords by an editor or the rigid classification in product schemas can not only be insufficient - it can effectively reduce the discoverabilty.

Future management tools for metadata will be based on standardised and automated text recognition through semantic analytics, they will be language independent and always recur to the content itself. Nowadays more content related to an individual book can be found outside of the book than inside it. Future metadata will draw on that outside content that can come in the form of blogs, content of social networks or search engine data.

These developments will profoundly change the work of metadata producers. They will have to adopt semantic and linguistic technologies, they will grow beyond language barriers and they manage and curate third party social content.


12.50 - 14.00

Lunch Break

14.00 - 14.50

TISP presents: Business model for E-Book distribution: Interoperability and opportunities in multilingual Europe
Market figures related to digital publishing are in full growth; in European marketplace, made rich by differences of culture and language, new solutions are raising at national level that offer a new perspective for alliances between the various operators of the book value chain and IT providers. In this framework, solutions based on interoperability show many advantages and can open new paths to ebook distribution matching the readers’ needs.
Starting from latest research on status and opportunities of interoperability in the book sector, the session will get close to most recent business experiences and projects conceived and launched in the Old Continent where partnerships between booksellers and Telecom operators propose and European answer to the challenges of e-distribution.


14.50 - 15.20


15.20 - 16.10

Publishing Partnership - Publishers, Start Ups, and technology companies working together
In this session, start ups, technology companies, and publishers who have joined forces share their stories and discuss how such partnerships can result in powerful platforms that can compete with the likes of Amazon and other market share gorillas.


16.10 - 16.40


16.40 - 17.30

Publishing Partnership - Part 2

17.30 - 18.00

Startup Showcase Winner and journalists' wrap up
Our panel of industry journalists highlight the best take-aways from the day and invite attendees to lend a critical voice to the topics and format of CONTEC's inaugural Frankfurt event.