StoryDrive Frankfurt 2014

Heroes' Edition

Whether it comes in the form of a novel, play, film, TV series, console or browser game – stories are the pillars of the media business. And you can’t have a story without a hero – one who tells the story, drives it and lives it. Under the motto “Heroes”, StoryDrive Frankfurt will celebrate the heroes in and behind the story. Our heroes are not only the protagonists, but also the authors, developers, producers, publishers, TV producers and, of course, the audience. They’re all the people who drive a story. And last but not least, the stories themselves are also heroes that transcend narrative, geographic and media boundaries. International experts from the book, film, TV and games industries will gather at StoryDrive to present their visions of the story of tomorrow. In the process, they’ll engage with the audience, and share their experience and knowledge – uncensored and up close and personal.

At StoryDrive, you'll meet...

  • Authors
  • Screenwriters
  • Developers
  • Directors
  • TV producers
  • Publishers and editors
  • TV, film and games producers
  • Service and technology providers
  • New business managers
  • Marketing and PR professionals
  • Rights and licensing professionals

5 reasons why you shouldn't miss StoryDrive

  1. StoryDrive provides an overview of the latest and emerging trends in storytelling
  2. StoryDrive inspires by offering exclusive insights into visionary media projects and new business models from all over the world
  3. StoryDrive facilitates dialogue with international media professionals – uncensored and up close and personal
  4. StoryDrive is the only platform that brings together representatives of all the media and entertainment industries – creating cross-industry business opportunities in the process
  5. StoryDrive assists you in realising the international and crossmedia potential of your IP and stories


Alexander Bard, Cyber-philosopher, music producer and author

Peter Gornstein, Global Cinematic Director, Crytek

Lars Lundström, Writer and producer

Lynda Obst, Hollywood producer & Author, USA

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Currently there are no speakers available. To whole schedule

Up close and uncensored: The StoryDrive Format

Classroom style lectures will be replaced by short, inspiring talks. Instead of PowerPoints, we’ll feature innovative project pitches. Lively one-on-one conversations among peers will take the place of the standard Q&A. Instead of a stage, StoryDrive provides a discussion arena in the middle of the room that allows speakers and attendees to engage in direct dialogue. Our experts will be on site the entire day. There will be plenty of time after their 10 to 15 minute presentations to ask questions or to join in the discussion. And if the conversation happens to stall – or we’re running short on time – our moderators, Sam Delaney and Sara Kelly-Husain, won’t hesitate to jump in and move things along. Audience members can choose whether they want to take an active role in the programme within the arena, or whether they’d prefer to listen and take a seat outside of the arena

About StoryDrive

StoryDrive is the international forum for trends and innovation for the media and entertainment industries. Since 2010, representatives of the publishing, film, TV and games industries have been gathering at this global marketplace for stories and IP from all branches of the media. StoryDrive presents innovative narrative concepts and defines the parameters for the media business of tomorrow. Harry Potter producer David Heyman, director Stephan Daldry, transmedia expert Louis-Pierre Pharand and author Jonathan Gottschall have all presented their visions of the future of the media business at StoryDrive. :

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