Hot Spot Digital Innovation

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New services - new business
Exhibitors and presenters at the Hot Spot Digital Innovation are one step ahead. Surrounded by exhibitors from the English-speaking world, innovative technology providers and service providers demonstrate new solutions for the future
of digital publishing.

Location: Hall 6.2

Who’s exhibiting here?

  • Providers of innovative software solutions
  • Service providers in the fields of data conversion, database structuring and maintenance, rich media integration, editing, e-marketing, etc.
  • Suppliers and operators of new and innovative delivery, self-publishing or networking platforms
  • Developers of document management and editing systems
  • Service providers and consultants in the field of new marketing strategies
  • Startups and international associations in the field of "Digital Publishing"
  • Service providers for self-publishing


Exhibitors 2015      

Archive Factory

Different Contents, Premium Experience. We present the various attempts of the confluence of digital contens and the way to do it. The introduction of the visual novels and platform of contents.

BBDBU is an innovative cloud based ebook service platform that transforms EPUB files into cross-linkable HTML5 content. With its advanced web app, ebook content becomes accessible from any device and shareable from SNS services.


BookGarage is the ultimate ecosystem for professional self-publishing. Where committed authors, top-notch freelancers and selective readers come together. Qualitative publishing house services – on your terms.

BooXtream / iContact

Consumer friendly eBook protection using watermarking and personalisation. For web shops and publishers selling eBooks Direct to Consumer (D2C). Incl. versatile eBook download distribution platform. Compatible with all ePub readers and Mobi (Kindle).

(organized by ICEX)

Btwinbooks combines the printed and the digital copy of the same book in a single format for readers to choose at their own convenience. Lend one, lend both - only one digital copy of each book will be available, preventing unauthorized copies.

Douban Read

Douban Read is a digital publishing/reading service based in Beijing. The platform encourages non-professional writers to publish their work and profit. Douban Read is one of the largest distributors of E-Books in China, including E-Books in English.

(organized by ICEX)

G4M3 STUDIOS is the creator of the ICC (Interactive Content Creator), a unique framework and set of tools, aimed at creating digital multiplatform interactive contents. A multi-sectorial solution to easily & quickly renew or generate digital media.

Giantchair / Onixsuite

GiantChair Inc. is a group of metadata specialists behind Onixsuite, a cloud based software for publishers and distributors to create, clean, enrich, and share metadata across the trade.

Iggybook / StoryLabs

Iggybook is a SaaS platform dedicated to authors to create, market, sell and distribute their books. By making their author website on Iggybook, authors will have access to a wide range of tools such as promo codes, direct sales, e-Pub/mobi creator.


Under the mission "Transform Books, Reform Education", iPortfolio is comitted to providing cutting edge technology to enhance learner`s experience and to improve the quality of education.

Learn Forward

Authoring tool for digitally-engaging educational resources. HTML5 output wrapped in web services that offer classroom management: virtual classrooms, collaborative exercises, responsiveness. Teachers love it. Publishers too.


Legimi creates award-winning mobile apps and websites for publishers using latest Microsoft technologies. We also specialise in copyright protection of ebooks and audiobooks with use of our proprietary watermarking solution.

Natural History Research Institute

NHRI Co., Ltd. is an 'R&D Company' that has produced smart content based on various technologies connected with research, education, and exhibition.

(organized by ICEX)

Netex provides a complete range of digital publishing services throughout the whole digital value chain, from content authoring to distribution, including Smart Book, an adaptive learning solution with real time collaboration and analytics features.

Newcomlab / IamLiber

Innovative eBook conversion, all formats at best prices. Enriched eBooks EPUB3 with any requested reader interactivity: writing, saving options, interactive graphics, multimedia, children education, etc. +10.000 eBooks made for major publishers.


Oxagile is a boutique custom web & mobile applications development company with a core focus on building top-notch e-learning, online video & real-time communication solutions.


PressReader has the world's largest digital collection of newspapers & magazines. Offer unlimited access to 4000+ titles at your business, or distribute your publication to our audience! Find us in the Digital Innovation Hall to learn more.


PubCoder is a digital publishing software that helps publishers, creative agencies and graphic designers to develop great interactive content in several formats like EPUB3, HTML5, iOS & Android apps and Amazon KF8. No programming needed.


PublishOne is the editorial system for publishers and knowledge institutions to create, manage and distribute documents. With PublishOne publishers will lower the costs to manage information and improve the quality of the supply for the whole chain.


An industry-standard ecosystem for the delivery of customized, flexible eBooks. Benefit from a direct sales channel for EPUB 3 ebooks augmented by supplemental materials or personalization. Differentiate your digital offering.


customized stories, application book (contents), prenatal education, photo album coloring, augmented reality, coloring posters, landmarks, art materials, opera, application book, digital book

Smartware / Flipsnack

FlipSnack is an online flipping book software that allows you to create digital publications from PDF files or from scratch. Works smoothly on all devices, engaging readers with interactive features (audio, video, links and more).