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Artificial Intelligence

Exciting insights into the future of publishing.

Artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning are all well established in the creative industries and the publishing industry. New technologies help to analyse enormous amounts of text, images and metadata. This makes it possible to predict successful sales, generate summaries of the content of large text collections or generate automatic image descriptions. Frankfurter Buchmesse presents these new technologies and shows how the future is being shaped now.

Experience the possibilities of artificial intelligence


Discover AI applications for the publishing industry, for example: forecasting successful sales, analysing large amounts of text or optimising sales processes.


In the Frankfurt EDU area, you can experience personalised, AI-powered educational products that can customise learning content or evaluate exams.


Take a look into the future at THE ARTS+. Meet the robot CIMON or a holographic ambassador and learn how to chat with deceased writers.


Be inspired by the visions of internationally known science fiction writers such as Dmitry Glukhovsky or Frank Schätzing on the subject of Artificial Intelligence.

A man with a microphone speaks on a stage.


Don't miss the big festival for the digitalisation of the creative and cultural sector. You can expect five days with a full programme on two stages.

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Frankfurt EDU

Welcome to the new international platform for innovative concepts, content and technologies in the education sector. Learn more about and experience the trends driving the future of learning.

  • UNSILO - Logo


    Interview with AI-Publisher UNSILO

    “Publishing will become increasingly personalised!” - Interview with the winner of FBM-Wildcard 2018 AI-Publisher UNSILO

  • Maya Kodes Portrait


    THE ARTS+ Maya Kodes - Interview with Yves St-Gelais

    Meet MAYA KODES: “A digital code from cyberspace that came into the world thanks to the magic of holography.” Yves St-Gelais shares the secret of Maya´s story and gives us an insight of what to expect at THE ARTS+.