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“Meet the Author” is our new event location for authors and fans

The first meet-up area with a real festival feeling!

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Encounters between authors and fans are at the heart of Frankfurter Buchmesse. In our anniversary year, we are dedicating a separate hall area to these personal meetings for the first time. Our "Meet the Author" area in Hall 4.1 is the new event location for eye-to-eye encounters between authors and fans.

With over 2,000 square metres of space, four signing tables, lounges to relax in, a bookshop and a common area for your authors, the "Meet the Author" area is the perfect meet-up spot for very special moments

Whether it's a signed book, a joint selfie or a personal dedication – this is where fans can experience special moments with their idols in a festival atmosphere at the heart of the fair and throughout the entire weekend.

You determine the number of timeslots in advance. This allows you to decide how much time visitors have at the signing table and how many fans will be able to meet your authors. You can book slots for your authors at "Meet the Author" via our website. 

As a publisher, you can freely allocate part of the ticket quota during the fair. This means that even last-minute buyers have the opportunity to get their hands on a ticket.

Offer your authors the chance to meet their readers in person and present themselves to a large and diverse audience – with your individual time slot (€200.– per 30 minutes) in the "Meet the Author" area.

Your advantages

  • Extensive meet-up area: 2,000 sqm hall space with four signing tables, lounges and a dedicated bookshop
  • Full flexibility: You book a signing table according to your unique needs and set the length of individual encounters in advance
  • Meeting eye-to-eye: All signing tables are elevated so that your authors remain clearly visible, which puts them on eye-level with fans in front of the table
  • 100 percent safe: The "Meet the Author" area will be supervised by our security staff at all times to ensure the safety of authors and visitors at all times
  • Seamless transitions: Four signing tables will be in use at all times. To ensure smooth time slot transitions and avoid overlaps, four additional tables are available as back-ups
  • Lounge for authors: Before and after their time at the tables, your authors will have a lounge area at their disposal
  • Your own ticket contingent: You will receive a ticket contingent that you, as an exhibitor, can freely allocate during the trade fair
  • Our price: €200.– for 30 minutes throughout the fair weekend, during opening hours from Friday 14:00 until Sunday afternoon 17:30

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What does the “Meet the Author” concept offer me?

Our new meet & greet area facilitates personal encounters between authors and visitors. It is an indoor area covering over 2,000 sqm with four signing tables, different lounges for hanging out, a bookshop and a break room for authors.

Before the fair, readers can secure a free ticket for a meeting with the star of their choice and avoid long waiting times.

The publishers are offered an all-inclusive concept. All they have to do is inform the bookshop in advance about the titles they should stock, specify a number of tickets to be allocated per timeslot, and define what should happen at the meet-up between author and reader.

Why can’t signing sessions take place in the Agora anymore?

The “Meet the Author” area replaces the signing tents in the Agora. Signings will still be possible directly at the stage after a stage event. However, the timeslot at a stage is limited to 30 minutes and the publisher will be responsible for handling the complete organisation, including book sales.

How much does a 30-minute timeslot cost at the meet & greet area?

30 minutes cost € 200.– and as many slots can be booked as needed, pending availability.

Why do readers have to register in advance?

Registration is important in order to better anticipate the flow of visitors and reduce the waiting time for readers. Plus, it guarantees readers will be able to meet their favourite author up close.

Who is handling the book sales?

The books will be sold at a bookshop within the area.

How long will a reader have to wait?

The tickets are allocated for a time window of 15 minutes. This means that there will be a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes.

What about readers who are not registered?

What about readers who are not registered?
Readers are requested to register in advance. There may be the chance for fans to participate spontaneously at the fair pending ticket availability.

What happens if we miscalculate the number of tickets available for readers?

If, during the event, it turns out that more people can attend a meet-up than anticipated, it will open up the possibility for readers to take part at short notice.
If, on the other hand, more reader tickets were allocated than the author's time allows, there will be the option to keep the table for longer than the booked time – extendable by 30-minute slots. Please ask us about this during the event. The costs are € 200.– per 30 minutes.

How many readers can register for a 15-minute time window?

Each publisher decides individually on the number of tickets to be allocated per 15 minutes. Factors to be taken into account are the number of books to be signed per reader and whether it will be allowed to take selfies, but also how experienced the author is in dealing with fans.

Does the publisher also get tickets?

We will be happy to give you part of the contingent, which you can use for raffles in the run-up to the fair or to distribute at your stand. Please mention this when ordering your ticket contingent.

How can I book a slot?

Please write an e-mail to:

Who can book slots?

All registered exhibitors of Frankfurter Buchmesse are eligible to book slots.

Is there a deadline for booking slots?

Slots can be booked in the Meet the Author area as long as they are available.

How will the author slots be promoted?

Please enter your slots in our Calendar of Events.

In addition, the authors and their time slots will be presented on the programme pages of Frankfurter Buchmesse.

How many authors will be next to each other signing at the same time?

The area includes a total of 8 tables for meetups. However, a maximum of 4 tables will be allocated for signing at a time. We do not rule out that there may be some overlap at the full and half hour, so that more than 4 authors may be present for a certain time.

How many people can wait in the queue per ticket?

Due to the short waiting time of max. 15 minutes, only the ticket holder or accompanying persons under 14 years of age may stand in the queue.

What does the “Meet the Author” area look like?

You can find some pictures of the “Meet the Author“ area here.

How can a publisher add branding to the area?

It will be possible to attach something to the back wall or to place a roll up between the table and the back wall.

When will the ticket allocation begin?

Ticket allocation for the meetups will start on 9 October 2023. The start will be communicated in good time via all Frankfurter Buchmesse media outlets.

Lars Birken-Bertsch klein


"For the wishes of all readers"

Lars Birken-Bertsch, Director of Strategic Project Development, Cooperation & Programme at Frankfurter Buchmesse, explains the advantages of the new "Meet the Author" area in a short interview.

The interview