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13 days to go

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BOOKFEST digital – worldwide

On the Saturday of the fair, 17 October 2020, for the first time the whole world can celebrate BOOKFEST. You won't want to miss it.

BOOKFEST digital

The international festival of books at home

Every year in October, culture enthusiasts from all over the world celebrate the BOOKFEST together – the big international cultural festival of Frankfurter Buchmesse.

From bestseller events with world-famous authors* to discussion rounds, workshops and performances. This year, BOOKFEST will take place physically as BOOKFEST city and for the first time virtually as BOOKFEST digital.

BOOKFEST digital will broadcast a multi-faceted programme on Saturday, 17 October 2020, from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening. It will present, among others: Elizabeth Gilbert, Jenny Erpenbeck, Ayad Akhtar, Eliot Weinberger, Peter Wohlleben, Kirsten Boie, Don Winslow, Karin Slaughter, Clemens Meyer, Olga Grjasnowa, Joachim Meyerhoff, Iris Wolff and Ralf König.

Canada is preparing a series of virtual programme elements that will show the diversity, creativity and uniqueness of the Canadian literary and cultural scene. The future host countries Spain and Slovenia will also be represented in both BOOKFEST programme formats. The former Guest of Honour countries Norway and Georgia will also present famous and popular authors from their countries.

BOOKFEST digital will be livestreamed on YouTube and – along with selected highlights on Facebook.

All this and much more is possible at BOOKFEST digital

  • Cultural and literary performances
  • Book and technology presentations
  • Discussions on politics and society
  • All that’s new in lifestyle, travel and cooking
  • Interactive Meet & Greets with stars, authors and artists
  • Music and cooking shows

A whole day of live programming

Get ready for the festival of literature and culture on 17 October 2020, from 10.00 am – livestreaming around the world on two channels. You can look forward to a diverse programme featuring Elizabeth Gilbert, Jenny Erpenbeck, Ayad Akhtar, Eliot Weinberger, Peter Wohlleben, Kirsten Boie, Don Winslow, Karin Slaughter, Clemens Meyer, Olga Grjasnowa, Joachim Meyerhoff, Iris Wolff, Ralf König and many more.

Note: the exact timing of individual events will be announced soon.


Kirsten Boie talks about her “Sommerby”-books

Speaker: Kirsten Boie, award-winning author of children’s and young adult books

Peter Wohlleben talks about his “Peter & Piet”-books

Speaker: Peter Wohlleben, German forester and author

Chris Bradford und "Samurai - Die Rückkehr des Kriegers"

Speaker: Chris Bradford

Reading by Antonia C. Wesseling from her book “Wie viel wiegt mein Leben?”

Speaker: Antonia C. Wesseling

From “Lippel’s Dream” to “The Sat”: A Conversation with Paul Maar

Speaker: Paul Maar
and one more speaker


„Die Klimaschmutzlobby“ - The climate pollution lobby

Speaker: Susanne Götze
and 2 more speakers

Green matters! A talk on sustainable lifestyle

Speaker: Mimi Sewalski, Sociologist and CEO of Avocadostore


Vegan Klischee Ade - Das Kochbuch

Speaker: Niko Rittenau, University lecturer, seminar leader and speaker
and one more speaker

7 Mal anders - Jamie Oliver presents 7 recipe ideas for your favorite ingredients

Speaker: Jamie Oliver, Star chef

The “Cat” serves up her favourite family recipes, sprinkled with stories and personal insights.

Speaker: Daniela Katzenberger

Eating with Africa - My journey through the African kitchens

Speaker: Maria Schiffer

German Stories

German Bestseller-Authors and their literary starts.

Speaker: Andreas Eschbach
and 3 more speakers

Riot Read – A reading in an unusual place with Michel Friedman

Speaker: Michel Friedman

Amed Sherwan talks about his book »Kafir. Thank Allah I am an Atheist«

Speaker: Amed Sherwan , Autor

Bas Kast: Das Buch eines Sommers. Werde, der du bist

Speaker: Bas Kast

Zora del Buono talks to Bärbel Schäfer about the heroine of her new novel: her grandmother.

Speaker: Zora del Buono
and one more speaker

German bestsellers

Olga Grjasnowa: Reading and interview

Speaker: Olga Grjasnowa

Marc-Uwe Kling presents: QualityLand

Speaker: Marc-Uwe Kling


Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor in conversation with Bärbel Schäfer

Speaker: Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, Kenyan writer
and one more speaker

Against Oblivion - with Héctor Abad, Daniela Abad and Fernando Trueba

Speaker: Héctor Abad
and 2 more speakers


Arved Fuchs: “Das Eis schmilzt” - rethinking climate protection and the economy

Speaker: Arved Fuchs

Cape to Cape - In record time by bike from the North Cape to South Africa

Speaker: Jonas Deichmann, Munich extreme athlete

Ahas! Moments of Inspired Thought

Speaker: Anouk Schollähn
and one more speaker

»In Ringelsocken aufs Dach der Welt« with Julia E. Schultz

Guest of Honour 2021: Canada

Hope Against Despair

We Contain Multitudestitudes“

Speaker: Kim Thúy
and 2 more speakers

Picture Perfect

Speaker: David Alexander Robertson
and 2 more speakers

Arts project Istanbul/Berlin

Dilek Mayatürk: "Brache"

Speaker: Dilek Mayatürk

Fantastic women

Elizabeth Gilbert und Hans Jürgen Balmes, City of Girls

Speaker: Elizabeth Gilbert, Writer
and one more speaker

“Made for more”

Speaker: Dana Schwandt

Female activists

She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement

Speaker: Jodi Kantor, Investigative reporter with The New York Times
and 2 more speakers

On a Bench - Amelie Fried “Die Spur des Schweigens”

Speaker: Amelie Fried
and one more speaker

Love & Read – Der Romantasy-Talk von Impress

Speaker: Valentina Fast, German writer
and 2 more speakers


Ross Antony bakes WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Speaker: Ross Antony

Thrilling: Uri Buri tells of his colourful life and lets us peek into his kitchen

Speaker: Uri Buri
and one more speaker

Publishing heroes

Roundtable mit Top-Autoren von Amazon Publishing & Kindle Direct Publishing

Speaker: Ellin Carsta, German writer
and 3 more speakers

“How much regular’s table talk should there be?”

Speaker: Ijoma Mangold
and 2 more speakers

Sketchnotes for beginners - Learn how to create sketchnotes

Speaker: Nadine Roßa

Eva Madelung ist talking about her book “ERBEN”

Speaker: Eva Madelung, German writer

Do we know each other? Mentalist Timon Krause gives us a guide to the knowledge of human nature

Speaker: Timon Krause, Mind reader, philosopher and trainer in human insight

Focus Asia

A Collaboration in Indonesian Literature

Speaker: Sastri Sunarti

Focus Asia/Spain

CHEN Qiufan: How Chinese Science Fiction Imagines the Apocalypse

Speaker: CHEN Qiufan, Chinese science fiction author, columnist and script writer
and 2 more speakers

Marina Perezagua

Speaker: Marina Perezagua

Black Lives Matter

International LitCam Talks - Welche Auswirkungen hat die Corona-Krise auf das Bildungssystem in Indien?

Speaker: Brij Kothari, Academic
and one more speaker

International LitCam Talks - Kanaa: Bildung in der Corona-Krise

Speaker: Stéphane Dion
and one more speaker

Zum 700. Todestag des Sommo Poeta stellt die Dante-Alighieri-Gesellschaft „DANTES ITALIEN“ vor.

Speaker: Prof. Giulio Ferroni


The fastest written crime story in the world

From Holmes to Miss Marple: Karin Slaughter on the greatest investigators

Speaker: Karin Slaughter

Martin Krist reads from "Niemand wird vergeben"

Speaker: Martin Krist

Focus Brazil/Chile/Nicaragua/Argentina

Raúl Zurita: poetry as the essence of every creation

Speaker: Raúl Zurita

German times

The short summer of anarchy – 30 years later

Je schauerlicher, desto schöner

Speaker: Andreas Platthaus , Moderator
and 2 more speakers

Fantastic colors

A passion for the ocean – Science Notes talks with Uli Kunz

Speaker: Uli Kunz, Marine biologist, explorer and photographer
and one more speaker