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A book that explores the origins of the photographic aesthetics of graphic reporter Leo Matiz (1917-1998) in caricature and drawing, and at the same time proposes an enlightening look at his profession in graphic reporting on the illustrated magazines of

Leo Matiz. El reportazgo en la posrevolución. Un viaje de la caricatura a la fotografía, book  published by Ediciones del Lirio  and LM Difusión Artística in  Mexico, also explores the artistic and existentialist trajectory of Colombian photographer  Leo Matiz from 1936 to  1947, in his transition from  caricature, painting and  drawing to graphic reporting, especially in Mexico. El  Reportazgo, a genre of graphic journalism to distinguish it from written reportage and which  sought to approach reality with the resources offered by the  cinematographic language of  the time, proposed journalism  for diverse and heterogeneous audiences, giving rise to the  consolidation of a massive visual culture that could  be accessed without the barriers of a literate and elitist culture.

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