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All Fun and Games? How Virtual Reality changes our Perspective on Brands, Arts and Culture

Keynotes and paneldiscussion about the potential of VR beyond gaming.

While many people still associate Virtual Reality only with gaming, it is gradually paving its way into other industries. VR in arts and culture, for example, enables people to discover new perspectives on traditional topics. How can brands benefit from the medium, what is the added value of VR and why is interdisciplinarity the key to the future? The creative minds of videoreality and filmmaker Leon Spanier will talk about their professional experience in VR production and engage in a discussion with the audience moderated by innovation manager Orsolya Sauerbrey.

© TimeLeapVR



Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

The event is free of charge


Michael Gödde

Technical Director, TimeLeapVR

Julian Hölgert

Executive Producer, videoreality

© Leon Spanier

Leon Spanier


Orsolya Sauerbrey