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At last! Rico and Oskar are back! Author Andreas Steinhöfel reads from the new volume

The long-awaited fifth volume of the popular \"Rico and Oskar\" series will be released on October 1st, 2020. After a three-year break, Andreas Steinhöfel has now put down another adventure of the two dissimilar friends on paper:

Rico and Oskar fell out! Now, of all times, when the very existence of their playground is at stake. Oskar senses a criminal case, but he has to solve it all by himself now. Because Rico (firstly) doesn't speak to him anymore, is (secondly) in love for the very first time and (thirdly) moreover has to go to Hessen.

But only if the two work together can they solve the case and save the playground.

Andreas Steinhöfel reads excerpts from the new book and shows the great illustrations by Peter Schössow.

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