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Anne-Sophie Monrad: "Fashion Victim – A Top Model’s Story"

Reading and talk about the inhumane conditions behind the scenes of the modelling business

For ten years, the world’s runways were Anne-Sophie Monrad’s second home. She modelled for various high-profile companies, including Chanel, Givenchy and Jean-Paul Gaultier… until Autumn 2018. This was when she went public with her protest against the inhumane conditions behind the scenes of the modelling business. From that point on, her life has taken a different course. With Alfons Kaiser (F.A.Z. journalist) Anne-Sophie Monrad discusses her book \"Fashion Victim\". She describes her path from normal student to runway model and tackles the problems concealed by the glitz and glamour of this profession, a dream for many teenagers: eating disorders, financial exploitation, competitive pressure, and sexual harassment.

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Anne-Sophie Monrad

Alfons Kaiser