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In the 1920s across Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia: Alma M. Karlin, "Im Banne der Südsee"

It was meant to be two years. Finally it took her eight. Alma M. Karlin's journey around the world had not too much in common with popular tourist travelling, even in the 1920s. Between 1919 and 1927, the Slovenian-German writer travelled five continents, only accompanied by \"Erika\" - her typewriter. To finance her journey, she worked as a translater and language teacher. After her return, she became one of the most famous travel authors of her time. Our new publication \"Im Banne der Südsee\" is the second part of her trilogy (after \"Einsame Weltreise\", published 2019). Reading and discussion with Amalija Maček about an extraordinary author and her time.

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