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Arouse reading pleasure with language games, rhymes and poems

Bookseller Sven Puchelt shows how and with which books you can interest children in poetry.

Children usually have great fun with language games and poems, while parents are often sceptical about poetry for children. Sven Puchelt focuses his lecture on the books and texts that can promote this enthusiasm at events with children. He reports on his book presentations in primary schools, where the first third is always dedicated to books on the subject of poetry. But also books for the preschool age are dealt with. And perhaps the wishes of the children will then become so urgent that the parents can no longer resist ...

The presentation will be organized by the \"Kooperation unabhängiger Kinderbuchverlage\" (cooperation of independent children's book publishers).

Trade event


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Kindermann Verlag
The event is free of charge


Sven Puchelt