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Arts Council Norway presents: Superstar Economy? Art and Cultural Economy in the Digital Era

Presentations and panel discussion

The term “Superstar Economy” refers to a theory stating that while digitisation creates opportunities, it also demands vast resource. Will the digital economy give us less diversity? Or does it simply provide easier access to music, literature and movies, making art more profitable? Despite being a small country with a small language market, a large number of books are written and published in Norway – due to an active and committed literature policy. Meanwhile, Norway is a leading country when it comes to digitalization, and recent numbers show that 9 out of 10 Norwegians are streaming music. Can the Norwegian literary policies and the Norwegian digital culture learn anything from each other? And what can we learn from the main players in the cultural sector themselves?



Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH
The event is free of charge


Kristin Danielsen

Director, Arts Council Norway, Oslo

Maja Lunde © Oda Berby

Maja Lunde

Norwegian author

Dr. Tom Fleming

Director, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, London

Helena Gustafsson

Head of Global License Publishing, Storytel, Stockholm

Gerd Elise Mørland

Director of Learning, The Munch Museum, Oslo

Juergen Boos

Direktor der Frankfurter Buchmesse / director of Frankfurt Buchmesse