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Live Recording of the podcast AstroPod with astrologer Alexander von Schlieffen and John Ruhrmann.

Not only for people interested in astrology. The Live Recording of the successful podcast AstroPod by author Alexander von Schlieffen will bring the exciting world of podcasts to life for trade visitors and general public alike. We present a podcast format which is popular by fans of the author but also generates new target groups and increases the sales of his books and audiobooks. For the interested audience this event will be an exciting and entertaining evening paired with a behind the scenes look of the production of a successful podcast. Bookwire, as the production, distribution and marketing partner of the AstroPod, will answer any questions regarding this topic. Headroom is the audiobook publisher of Alexander von Schlieffen as well as a distribution customer of Bookwire.

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Alexander von Schlieffen

John Ruhrmann

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Bookwire GmbH