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The Audiobook World Podcast in live talk with authors Ivar Leon Menger and Melanie Bottke.

Audio boom, podcast hype, clubhouse trend, audio first... the audiobook world is more diverse and

exciting than ever before! As part of the live podcast for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022, the two 

Audiobook Worlds hosts Felicitas Boos and Benjamin Landgrebe discuss with their guests Ivar Leon

Menger (director and author of “Monster 83”, “Die schwarze Stadt 2”, The Three ???) and Melanie

Bottke (author of “Die schwarze Stadt”, “SELVE – Zerrissene Leben”). In addition to the distinctive

(German) audio play tradition, the main topics will be current trends, the differentiation from

podcasts, the influence of Netflix & Co. on audio books and the future of audio (books).

Interview | Conversation


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