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Author talk and audio experience to "Malverina. Ich möchte eine Hexe sein" by and with Susanna Isern

Malverina is a brave girl who desperately wants to become a witch. She decides to take her destiny into her own hands and pays a visit to the three witches who rule her village and are feared for their horrible magic spells. Malverina may be their only chance to find an heiress, so they decide to train her. Magic potions, steaming cauldrons, flying broomsticks and spooky spells, all this and more awaits the girl. Will she end up following in the footsteps of her three magic teachers? Or will she make her own rules?

Volume one of the new series by the international bestselling author Susanna Isern, translated by Karin Will, delivers an exciting witch adventure to read aloud and to read for yourself, recommended for children aged 5 and over. And also as an audio book, fabulously spoken by Julia Nachtmann, \"Malverina\" is an exciting listening experience.

Look forward to an author talk and audio experience from the \"Malverina\" audio book with the voice of Julia Nachtmann and illustrations from the book. The Spanish author Susanna Isern provides background information on the book and answers your questions.

A Spanish-German translator will interpret.

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