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Black Books Matter – Voices from Brazil

Around half of Brazil's population is ‘People of Color’, but the image of ethnic groups who seem to live together as equals has always been a myth. Until recently, black authors were an exception on the book market, but now they are storming the bestseller lists with topics that concern people: exclusion and disadvantage due to dark skin and frizzy hair.

Three authors from Brazil join us and discuss their experiences: Silvio Almeida, who systematically gets to the bottom of the problem in his non-fiction book “Structural Racism”, Bianca Santana, who is initially very personal in “When I discovered myself as black” sharing experiences of discrimination, and Paulo Scott, who tells the story of two brothers with different skin colors in his novel \"Brown and Yellow\", which is inspired by true events.

Looking at Brazil, the \"largest African country outside of Africa\", is important to understand racism worldwide.

The conversation will take place in Portuguese and will be simultaneously translated into German.



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Paulo Scott

Bianca Maria Santana de Brito

Silvio Almeida

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