"The Brightest Stars - attracted" - Anna Todd

Bestselling author Anna Todd introduces her new series “The Brightest Star” in a discussion with Jessica Schlage, which will be followed by a book signing.

After the sensational success of “After” comes the new series from bestselling author Anna Todd. 20-year-year old Karina’s life revolves around her job in a massage studio. Apart from that, she just wants to be left alone. Love has always ended in chaos for her, and that’s why she follows a strict no-dating policy. One day, a new customer shows up. Kael is always friendly and has an infinitely gentle charisma. He attracts Karina in a mysterious way, and she slowly opens up. But suddenly Karina finds herself drawn into a world by Kael that is even darker than her own – yet full of passion.

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Cover des Buches The Brightest Stars Attracted von Anna Todd



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Ein Portrait der Autorin Anna Todd. Sie steht vor einer grünen Hecke und lächelt freundlich in die Kamera

Anna Todd

Autorin "The Brightest Stars- attracted"