-EVENT CANCELLED!- Intrigo: Death of an author

From book to film with Håkan Nesser and the film cast


At this unique Frankfurter Buchmesse event, you can encounter actors from the film “Intrigo: Death of an author” in discussion with Håkan Nesser, the author of the original book. Visitors will be among the first to witness sneak previews of the film. He heard it: A cough. Not just any cough, but Eva’s cough. Unmistakable among thousands, even millions. He is certain he heard it a few months ago at the end of a radio concert recording from Maardam concert hall… But Eva’s been dead for three years. The boundaries between fiction and reality are anything but clear in this story of David (Benno Fürmann), a translator who reads from the script of his first novel to a reclusive author named Henderson (Sir Ben Kingsley). What is the connection between David’s own past and the mysterious death of Germund Rein, a writer whose manuscript reveals certain clues to David as he translates it? As the lines between real and unreal blur, even Henderson, who always seems one step ahead, cannot escape a dark truth. The other films in the INTRIGO trilogy – SAMARIA and DEAR AGNES – are set for release in the spring of 2019. The book “Intrigo” will publish the stories together for the first time. It is set for release on 8 October. The collection brings different works together with the new introductory short novel “Tom”. The novel reaffirms Nesser’s dramaturgical intuition and literary mastery.

Tod eines Autors Intrigo



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Hakan Nesser

Håkan Nesser


Syd Atlas

Syd Atlas

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