Los novíssimos - New literature from Latin America

Panel discussion about contemporary Latin-American voices

Post-post boom? The Latin-American literary boom dates 50 years back, but ist legacy lasts to the present day and still forces contemporary authors to fight back pigeonholing, indifference and exoticizing. Topics and genres, aesthetics and storytellers of the new literature from Latin America are as varied and complex as the continent is diverse in geography and cultures. Pop-culture blends into Nord American trash-aesthetics, classical female categories like motherhood and domesticity are radically deconstructed; and experieces with racism and violence find their way into literature.

Panel discussion


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Portrait von Geovani Martins

Geovani Martins

Brazilian author

Portrait von Antonio Ortuño

Antonio Ortuño

mexican author

Portrait von und mit Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson

argentinisch-amerikanischer Schriftsteller

Ariana Harwicz

Ariana Harwicz

Argentinian Author

Portrait von Pilar Quintana

Pilar Quintana

kolumbianische Autorin

Portrait von Corinna Santa Cruz

Corinna Santa Cruz