Politic - Literature - Commitment: Latin American authors report

with: João Paulo Cuenca, Vivian Lavin, Dr. Oscar Guardiola, Cala Maliandi and Jaime Labastida

Socio-economic and political discussions in Latin American countries circle around questions of identity, (post)capitalist economic systems, social distortions and - repeatedly - around the cultural as well as the economic emacipation from the United States. Which influences, from postcolonial theories up to pop art and indigenous art forms, are beeing processed today? Which forms of „committed literature“ are chosen to be either continued or rejected?

Panel discussion


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Portrait der Autorin Carla Maliandi

Carla Maliandi

Argentinian-Venezuelan author

Portrait des Autors Oscar Guardiola

Dr. Oscar Guardiola

Colombian reader in law, author

Portrait von Jaime Labastida vor einem Bücherregal voller Bücher.

Jaime Labastida

mexican Author

Portrait der Autorin und Journalistin Vivial Lavin

Vivian Lavin

Chilean author and journalist

Portrait des Journalisten und Filmemachers Joao Paulo Cuenca

João Paulo Cuenca

Brazilian author; cultural journalist; film producer

Portrait von Lutz Kliche

Lutz Kliche