The Other Half: Asia Pacific - Societies in Diversity and Change

Innovation and tradition: New directions in challenging times.

Asia, Australia, Oceania – the Asia-Pacific region includes several countries with various languages, traditions and ways of living. How does literature reflect these multiethnic nations and their manifold worldviews? Which relations between traditions, old rites and new concepts of life, between antiquated gender stereotypes and sudden breaches of taboo are depicted?

Three authors discuss diversity, upheaval and the potential of literature.



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Portrait der Autorin Amanda Koe

Amanda Lee Koe

Autorin aus Singapur

Sarah Quigley

Sarah Quigley

neuseeländische Autorin

Portrait von Min Jin Lee

Min Jin Lee

koreanisch-amerikanische Autorin

Portrait von Nuril Basri

Nuril Basri

indonesischer Autor

Portrait von Claudia Kaiser

Claudia Kaiser