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Breaking the Bad News

How should the media report on the climate crisis?

Climate change seems too abstract and supposedly leaves audiences “cold”. Is that true? Or is it just a media preconception? How can one report the bad news of the climate crisis effectively, without inciting apathy and losing readers? What editorial practices do European cultural magazines have?



Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

The event is free of charge


Andrea Zederbauer

Redakteurin und Co-Herausgeberin der österreichischen Zeitschrift Wespennest / editor and co-publisher of the Australian magazine "Wespennest"

Audun Lindholm

Redakteur und Herausgeber der norwegischen Zeitschrift Vagant / editor and publisher of the Norwegian newspaper "Vagant"

Şeyda Öztürk

Redakteurin der türkischen Zeitschrift Cogito / editor of the Turkish newspaper "Cognito"

Réka Kinga Papp

Journalistin und Chefredakteurin des Netzwerks europäischer Kulturzeitschriften Eurozine / journalist and editor-in-chief of the network of European cultural magazines "Eurozine"