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Will Gmehling reads from his new children's book "Nächste Runde". For girls and boys, 10+.

Following his highly acclaimed children's novel \"Freibad\" (nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2020), Will Gmehling tells a new story about the Bukowskis from the housing estate! A long summer at the open-air pool lies behind the three siblings. The days get shorter - but no less exciting! For Alf, the narrator, who finally starts boxing and is still thinking about the beautiful Johanna. (So often that he drops his guard while boxing and that hurts!) For Katinka, his tough sister, who is unswervingly preparing her career as a model in Paris, and even for the dreamy Robbie, who ticks a little differently than the other kids and who will surprise everyone this winter. A story for boys and girls. About dreaming and fighting. And about being in love...

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Will Gmehling