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A novel about the incredible but true life of German physicist Hermann Oberth

Against his father’s will, Hermann Oberth moves to Göttingen in 1920 in order to study physics - the most exciting science of his age. Hermann wants to turn the human dream of sending rockets to the moon into reality. But right before he makes a major breakthrough, his professor stops supporting his research. Until someone else believes in him: Wernher von Braun, a member of the SS Corps. But instead of moon rockets, Hermann is invited to help develop the V2 rocket, a retaliatory weapon for the Nazis to use. Hermann is suddenly confronted with the question of his own responsibility when faced by the march of history. This question becomes all the more important when he loses his children to the war. A novel about human errors, setbacks, and scientific ethics.

The reading will be moderated by Ulrich Sonnenschein (hr2-Kultur).

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Daniel Mellem

Ulrich Sonnenschein