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About the hunger for success, the choice between city and country and love after ten years of marria

\"I felt the burden of expectations, the burden of fortune placed on me, like a jockey at a horse race. Did I even want all this? Could it be that advancement in this system cost so much energy that in the end there was no life left?\"

Actually, Jonas and Birte should be happy. They have a house in the country, two happy children, and treat each other with love. But when damage to the house occurs and Jonas' start-up company is in crisis, the fear of crashing nests in their existence. Jonas has the feeling of no longer living in the present, but only in an endless loop of expectations, and no longer shuns risk.

A novel about the hunger for success, about the decision between city and country and about love after ten years of marriage. Subtle, exciting and poetically told.

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