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MIBF Museum Line presents a virtual exhibition of teachers and students from Simple School Museum Line helps to connect museums with a viewer and reader, show their new activities and areas of interest through exhibitions, lections, joint projects, museum


The MIBF Museum Line helps to connect museums with a new viewer through exhibitions, lectures and joint projects, show their unusual activities and new areas of interest. Now museums are more and more open to the visitor, offering new ways of interaction. This exhibition is another answer to the question: \"Why do you need to go to museums?\"

The artists' interest in the museum is not accidental. Any museum is an airtight environment dedicated to one theme. The interior, exhibits, infrastructure, visitors and employees of one museum are noticeably different from any other - each museum has its face and history. Such a focused image becomes a fruitful theme for artists. Painting in a museum does not mean only the depiction of the exhibits. For an artist this environment is also interesting as a complex: the nature of space, the scale of objects, light, color, smells, textures, characters - all this is closely related. This synesthetic integrity of the museum's image provides the basis not only for cursory sketches, but also for graphic series, comics, illustrated books.

For many years, Simple School has been holding drawing events in the museums of the city, from the largest to the smallest. What began as an interest in drawing an unusual nature, gradually grew into a cycle of thematic museum workshops and in collaboration with museums. We created cycling events along the routes created by the State Tretyakov Gallery for the exhibitions of Golovin and Serov, held an event about the composition right in the halls of the State Tretyakov Gallery, based on paintings from the collection, drew in the vaults at the invitation of the Moscow Politech, in the museum of Krasnopresnenskaya Observatory. At the moment the highest point of cooperation with museums is the master class 'Focus on composition' on the State Tretyakov Gallery educational platform 'Lavrus' - a conversation about the composition based on paintings from the collection.

Museums have always been an important part of the educational process. Previously, artists came to the museum to copy paintings by masters and draw ancient sculpture, but now they are interested in everything that happens there. A modern artist often depicts not a thing, but a process, events, atmosphere, the course of time. In this virtual exposition of works by teachers and students of the school, you can see what we are interested in, what we care about each museum and what variety of means are used to convey the impression.

We see a new field for creativity and cooperation through various drawing events in museums and are open to any proposals. 

The MIBF Museum Line presents publishing and educational programs of leading museums, their research activities and exhibition projects, uniting professionals of publishing and museum world.

The MIBF Museum Line is books on art, architecture, photography, books on theater and cinema, design and fashion, sociology, philosophy and psychology of culture, publications on contemporary art and new media, as well as urban and ecology, natural sciences and other fields of knowledge falling into the territory of interests of the modern museum.

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