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Still covered in yellow, but now available as audio - how Reclam Hörbücher digitalizes literature.

In 2017 the Reclam audio book series (Reclam Hörbücher) had been established. As an offer of high quality literature classics on all relevant streaming platforms, meanwhile with nearly 150 pieces. By doing so the barrier to those study materials has been lowered and the access was democratized by the means of digitalization. Anywhere and anytime.

The presentation shall introduce initiatives and communicational ways on how to support learning deeply and with a long-lasting effect.

Working together with young and famous actors and speakers such as Lisa Vicari, Lucas Reiber, Niklas Nißl as well as established artists like Johannes Steck or Hans Sigl literature classics as Romeo & Julia, Hamlet, Cyrano de Bergerac etc. are being revived in a new and fresh way.

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Reclam Hörbücher
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