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Florence Brokowski-Shekete is reading from her new book about her life as a Black German Woman.

Little Florence, born in Hamburg to Nigerian parents, is taken into care by a single woman in Buxtehude at the end of the 1960s. At the age of nine, her parents take her to Lagos, a country whose language she does not speak, whose culture is foreign to her, to a family she does not know. Through the courageous intervention of a teacher, she finally makes it back to Germany and goes her own path there...

In her autobiography, the author describes the experiences of a Black woman in a white society, the thin line between funny anecdotes and unpleasant everyday racism, between the challenge of building bridges and setting boundaries, between integration and finding identity, between work and motherhood as a single parent, all with a good dose of humor.

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Florence Brokowski-Shekete

Martin Vorländer