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Have a look in the workshop of literary translators Sonja Finck and Frank Heibert

An evening with translators Sonja Finck and Frank Heibert presenting their projects “Totalbeton” (Sous béton) by Karoline Georges, translated by Frank Heibert, “Stories from Kitchike. Der große Absturz” (Chroniques de Kitchike. La grande débarque) by Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui, translated by Sonja Finck & Frank Heibert, and “Sam ist weg” (Chercher Sam) by Sophie Bienvenu, translated by Sonja Finck & Frank Weigand. 

In collaboration with Weltlesebühne e.V.,Kreisvolkshochschule Viersen et Förderverein der Stadtbibliothek Kempen e.V..


This project is part of the culture program related to Canada’s Guest of Honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It is supported by the Government of Canada (Embassy of Canada) and the Quebec Government Office in Berlin.


Karoline Georges, Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui, Sophie Bienvenu

© Paulus Ponziak

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Poststraße 15
69115 Heidelberg

Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
7,00 €