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Is Freedom of Speech Under Threat in Spain?

Discussing the state of freedom of speech in Spain

In the conflict over Catalonia, there are charges of restrictions on freedom of speech. One rapper’s lyrics led to a prison sentence, as did a tweet about a murder that occurred in 1973. The European Court of Human Rights dismissed a decision due to lese-majesty. What is the state of freedom of speech in Spain? Does the country  head in the same direction as Hungary or Poland?

The panel will be held in German, English and Spanish.



Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Instituto Cervantes Frankfurt und PEN-Zentrum Deutschland
The event is free of charge


Almudena Grandes

bestselling Spanish author

Annette Prosinger

Textchefin bei Welt am Sonntag / editor of "Welt am Sonntag"

Prof. Carlos Collado Seidel

Historiker an der Universität Marburg und ehem. Generalsekretär des PEN-Zentrum Deutschland / historian at the university of Marburg and former secretary-general of the PEN Centre Germany