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Fridays for Future: Picture books for the next generation

Climate and environmental protection as new topics of children's and youth literature

What kinds of (picture) books can satisfy children and parents’ increasing interest in topics such as nature, environmental protection and biodiversity? How can this interest be awoken when it isn’t already there? Two young authors from Germany and France show how it can be done brilliantly.

The panel will be held in German and French.

Interview | Conversation


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Institut français Deutschland/ Institut franco-allemand IFRA
The event is free of charge


Antje Damm

the "philosopher" of picture book authors, was nominated for the 2019 German Children's Literature Award with her book "Was wird aus uns?"

Claire Lecoeuvre

scientific journalist committed to environmental protection; in 2017 Jacoby & Stuart published "Wüsten, Berge, Fjorde", a German translation of her book "L'incroyable vie des paysages"

Prof. Caroline Roeder

professor at the Ludwigsburg University of Education and head of the Centre for Didactics of Literature: Children Youth Media