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God of the Piano

The german premiere will be shown at the B3-Cinema

When sie finds out, that her newborn son is deaf, concert pianist Anat takes desperate measures to ensure that her child can survive in her musically-savvy familx and become the composer her father alwas wanted.Composed as a moral parable with a hint of a thriller, God of the Piano tells of overlapping parental ambition an cross-border abuse, uncompromisingness, false ambitions – and an overpowering father. The German premiere can be seen in the festival cinema Cinema Frankfurt, 

in the presence of the director.

Director: Itay Tal

Country: Israel

Year: 2019

Duration: 80 min

© (c) Itay Tal, God of the Piano

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Rossmarkt 7
60311 Frankfurt am Main

B3 Biennial of the moving Image


© Itay Tal

Itay Tal

© Elstermann

Knut Elstermann