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Growing on crisis? How Norway deals with societal challenges

With Camara Joof, Thelma Buabeng, Åsne Seierstad and Steffen Kverneland.

Norwegian society, like other Western societies, has in the last decades undergone big changes, that post challenges both on a personal and a societal level. Camara Joof is an author and performance artist who, together with German artist Thelma Buabeng, exposes everyday racism (in cooperation with Goethe-Institute Norway).

Åsne Seierstad has in her last two books written about crucial moments in Norwegian contemporary history – the massacre at Utøya in 2011, and the story of two sisters who ran away to join Isis in Syria.

Steffen Kverneland is a renowned illustrator and graphic novel author. Ein Freitod (avant-verlag) is his deeply personal story about his father’s suicide.

Entrance from outside the fairground only with (free) reservation.

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Camara Joof

Thelma Buabeng

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Åsne Seierstad

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Steffen Kverneland

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