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Guest appearance: "rats sharp" Door - and heart-Opener "Ratte Remmer"

"Ratte Remmer" Schloss-Erklärer-Lehrling im altehrwürdigen Schloss zu Jever

Jever is a small town. At the very top. Almost at the edge of Germany. On the North sea coast. In the middle of the small town - a castle. Very large and very old, with thick walls.

Many, many, years before, this castle was surrounded by water. People had their home here. Today, the castle is a Museum. And at night -at night - at night, it is empty of people.

Rat Remmer is always there. Day and night. Long Remmer has dreamed of becoming a pirate. But in order for it to be over. Finally over, since Remmer knows there is no port more in Jever.

Now, Remmer, only One thing wants to be: castle-explainer! Wants to learn everything! Wants to know everything! Everything! From the very beginning!

© Gisela Kalow

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© Gisela Kalow

Gisela Kalow

Verlegerin, KuseVerlag