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ATTENTION: Event was cancelled

Kerstin Gier talks about her bestseller "Vergissmeinnicht - Was bisher verloren war".

The hem calls: The second volume of the Forget-Me-Not trilogy is here! 

Hanging out with fairies, walking through portals into a parallel world and having superpowers is something Quinn has become used to by now. It's just a shame that every secret he uncovers presents him with new puzzles. Without Matilda and her very special way of getting to the bottom of things, he would be completely lost. The fact that he actually wanted to protect her from the dangers of the hem does not stop Matilda from plunging headlong into the adventure. For the two of them urgently need to clarify a few questions: Is a secret society behind the death of Quinn's father? How do you tame a sphinx - and first the scheming new classmate? And can you even be in love when your life is constantly in danger?

Afterwards, Kerstin Gier will be signing books in the adjacent room.

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ATTENTION: Event was cancelled


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