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Literary Translation: profession, art, labour of love?

Discussing the state of the translation industry today

What are the working conditions of literary translators today? Have they improved over the past decade? From visibility to contractual standards and remuneration, translators’ working conditions still vary considerably across Europe, while they are also affected by European legislation and copyright law. The speakers share their experiences and discuss the state of the translation industry today.



Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

European Network for Literary Translation ENLIT
The event is free of charge


Bel Olid

Katalanische Autorin und Übersetzerin und Präsidentin der katalanischen Schriftstellervereinigung / Catalan author, translator and president of the Catalan Writers' Association

Tanja Petrič

Translator into Slovenian

Holger Fock

Translator into German

Tiziano Perez

Dutch Foundation for Literature, Amsterdam / Dutch Foundation for Literature, Amsterdam

Lawrence Schimel

Writer, translator into English, publisher