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The taste of Europe: Travel with us through the Greek Epiros and taste and smell this part of Europe

The ORF series and the accompanying book explores the culinary cultures of our continent - a foray through European regions and their kitchens, which allows historical, scenic, geographical and cultural backgrounds to flow into it. In this episode, Lojze Wieser treads ancient paths in Epirus, a region steeped in history in northwest Greece, and travels from Ioannina via Metsovo into the Pindus Mountains to the Vigo Gorge. On his journey he consults the new oracle of Dodoni, descends into the depths of Hades, listens to archaic shepherd's songs, dances sirtaki and cooks magiritsa - a traditional soup that is served after the Orthodox Easter Vigil celebrations.

Travel with us and feel heaven on your palate!

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