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Novel biography of a Jewish noblewoman of the Rothschild dynasty

Franziska Streun reads from her novel biography ‹The baroness in the vault›. The book recounts the life of Baroness Betty Lambert, divorced von Bonstetten, divorced von Goldschmidt-Rothschild, from the Lambert banking family in Brussels and the Rothschild dynasty in Paris. After World War I, the Jewish noblewoman fled from her arranged first marriage from Frankfurt am Main to Switzerland and lived for decades on the Bonstetten estate in Thun/Gwatt. There she held court, received the international intellectuals, helped persecuted people fleeing from National Socialism, acted as an informal intelligence contact point and was in turn critically observed by the Swiss secret service. Moderator Andrea Gilgenbach leads through the evening.


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Franziska Streun

Andrea Gilgenbach