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Christopher Tauber and Calle Claus hijack to Rocky Beach with a new case for Die drei ???. The two authors and illustrators wake the graphic novel’s strong images to life during the reading.

Christopher Tauber and Calle Claus know how to wake Die drei ??? to life: With a thrilling story around a wrestling show and a bank robbery in Rocky Beach plus expressive images. They let the graphic novel sound acoustically and visual per multimedia reading. Subsequent to the reading there will be a book-signing for „Der goldene Salamander“ plus for the brand-new Die drei ??? Classic-Graphic Novels at the KOSMOS booth in hall 3.0.



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60327 Frankfurt am Main

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© Ingo Römling

Christopher Tauber

Author, Illustrator

© Privat

Calle Claus

Author, Illustrator