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Norwegian Knitting Workshop: How to Knit a Selbu Mitten

How to Knit a Selbu Mitten, with authors Annemor Sundbø and Anne Bårdsgård.

Join us in this workshop on Norwegian knitting! Learn how to knit the famous Selbu mitten, with Annemor Sundbø, Anne Bårdsgård and Ebba D. Drolshagen. Goodie bags with traditional Norwegian yarn from Hillesvåg and needles to all participants!

Annemor Sundbø is a textile designer and holds a lifetime government grant for her work. She is the author of Norwegian Mittens and Gloves (Det Norske Samlaget). 

Anne Bårdsgård is a craftswoman. She is the author of The Selbu Mitten (Museumsforlaget).

Ebba D. Drolshagen is a Norwegian-German translator, author and knitting enthusiast. She is the author of Zwei rechts, zwei links: Geschichten vom Stricken, (Suhrkamp 2017).

This event is a part of the series «Norwegian Knitting».

Hosted by: Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association.

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Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Ehrengast 2019: Norwegen
„Norwegen - Der Traum in uns“
The event is free of charge


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Anne Bårdsgård


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Ebba D. Drolshagen


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Annemor Sundbø