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Presentation of the German Version of the book : Louie Kemp: Dylan & Ich -50 Jahre Abenteuer

Musical Reading with a presentation of the German version of the LOU KEMP-book: Dylan & Ich - 50 Jahre Abenteuer, a concert with Manfred Maurenbrecher and a reading with Jochen Markhorst out of his German \"Dylan\"-Books. Rounded up by a picture-show with the art of New Yorker Bob Egan and an OUTTAKE from \"Tempest Under Control - with the moon in my eye\". Beside an outlook on new projects there will be a table of relevant editions of the last years. This event is the kick-off of a series of monthly readings in Darmstadt and an example for the design of the DArmstädter Dylan Tag 2021.



Graf-zu-Ysenburg-und-Büdingen-Platz 1
63263 Neu-Isenburg

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Marco Demel

Jochen Markhorst

Louie Kemp