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“The Raven Rings”: Siri Pettersen

With Siri Pettersen, Norwegian author of fantasy trilogy "The Raven Rings".

Meet Norwegian fantasy author Siri Pettersen. With her debut trilogy The Raven Rings she placed herself among the royalty of fantasy authors of all times. Her books have been sold to 14 countries, and are a mega success on all markets it has so far been published. Siri’s fan base is huge, and her Facebook and Instagram are loaded with fan art!

Siri Pettersen (1971) changed the Norwegian fantasy landscape forever with Die Rabenringe trilogy. The last book, Gabe, is published by Arctis Verlag in 2019, translated by Dagmar Lendt.

In English. Interpretation to German.

Author event at the fair


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Ehrengast 2019: Norwegen
„Norwegen - Der Traum in uns“
The event is free of charge


Siri Pettersen