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Philosopher Richard David Precht presents his latest book in an interview. In which society do we want to live?

Richard David Precht philosophises the question about how we go on. With excessive growth, unchecked destruction of our natural foundations of life and digital revolution, that ist driven by opening of new markets - the utilization of the “fine essentials of human consciousness”, as Precht calls it. Artificial intelligence with its tremendous potential could help humanity, however, the debate about digital transformation lacks the “dimension of meaning”. Our self- and human image urgently need a revision, a new \"where to\" and \"why\", suggests Precht. Humans are not „the other“ of nature, but are „the other“ of artificial intelligence, even if our smartphones occasionally seem closer to us than Mother Nature. Even more so, humans are not deficient machines, not an intermediate step in evolution towards a digital superintelligence, like some tech -giants of Silicon Valley and their research laboratories seem to claim. \"What boundaries do we have to draw on so that the future becomes humane?\", Richard David Precht asks the central, essential questions about the future and offers some convincing answers.

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Richard David Precht


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