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Presenting the S+T+ARTS Prize winning project Broken Spectre - an outstanding cinematic work that brings to life the consequences of deforestation and industrialized ecocide in the Amazon.

Broken Spectre is a disquieting portrait of willful environmental catastrophe along the Trans-Amazonian Highway told through a kaleidoscope of scientific, cultural, historic, socio-political, activist, and anthropological filters. This dream-like immersive video forms an extensive record of widespread yet unseen fronts of deforestation and industrialized ecocide in the Amazon Basin, unveiled using a range of powerful scientific imaging technologies, at the tipping point of this crucial ecosystem’s erasure. Through abrupt leaps in scale and medium, the film reveals unsustainable processes of extractive violence: illegal logging, mass burning, wildcat goldmining, the theft of Indigenous lands, species extinction, flooding and damming of rivers, and the forest’s colonization for encroaching monoculture plantations and vast intensive cattle farms. This project has been awarded with the S+T+ARTS Prize Grand Prize Innovative Collaboration 2023.

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