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"Wake-up meditation" - from today onwards more Energy for tomorrow

A hands-on presentation with the technique of Sahaja Yoga

\"Silence is the key to your self\"

Learn how to relax and balance yourself first. Achieve self-empowerment and sustainable transformation by elevating your awareness through meditative techniques.

Learn to trust and believe in yourself to lead and make guided decisions to enable sustainable growth in your personal life, your environment and to some extent in your organisation.

© Sahaja Yoga Germany e.V.

Seminar | Workshop


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Sahaja Yoga Germany e.V.
The event is free of charge


© Kallidai Venkatesan

Kallidai Venkatesan

BA | Meditation Coach, Sahaja Yoga Germany e.V.

© Dirk Fasold

Dirk Fasold

MBA | Meditation Coach, Sahaja Yoga Germany e.V.

Simon Buckland

Deputy Head Master | Graduated pedagogue | Meditation Coach, Sahaja Yoga Germany e.V.