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What Are Humans Doing to Mountain Ranges? Climate change and its impact on the Himalayas

Discussing the growing human presence in the Mountain Ranges

Climate change is a challenge – including for the local populations in the Himalaya mountain range. Human beings are interfering in environmental systems in various ways through mountain tourism and organic farming. What effects is this having? What is the state of the glaciers and glacial melt water in the Himalayas? What natural processes of change are there?

Interview | Conversation


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

The event is free of charge


Judith Müller

geographer specialised in research on the Himalayas and member of the Heidelberg Center for the Environment

Prof. Marcus Nüsser

Leiter der Abteilung Geographie und Gletscherforscher u.a. mit Schwerpunkt Himalaya im Südasien-Institut / head of the department of geography at the South Asia Institute and glacier researcher with a focus on the Himalayas, amongst other things

Dr. Susanne Schmidt

Akademische Oberrätin an der Abteilung Geographie und Leiterin des Fernerkundungslabor des Südasien-Instituts / senior assistant professor in the department of geography and head of the remote sensing laboratory at the South Asia Institute

Dr. Martin Gieselmann

Geschäftsführer des Südasien-Instituts / executive secretary at the South Asia Institute